To all our wonderful Partners, Customers and Suppliers

I would like to give you an update following the fast moving and ever changing circumstances we find ourselves in following successive Government announcements, including the latest ‘lockdown’ measures announced by the British Prime Minister on Monday 23/03/20 and those already in place around the world.

We have now instructed all but the most essential Genuine Solutions office and warehouse team members, to work from home and to follow the latest guidance to stay at home. However, we recognise that Genuine Solutions is a fundamental and essential part of the supply chain, keeping businesses, home workers and end-user customers enabled at this time. As such, our warehouses are still operating and we are delivering as normal. We are doing all we can to keep those working in these environments safe with the advised distancing measures in place.

Our warehouse teams are all working heroically and I would like to thank them publicly for their efforts in helping to support the current demand for our distribution, recovery and recycling services. I would also like to thank our Commercial team for working tirelessly and keeping in touch with our customers and suppliers around the world, so the right products are available at the right time. Understandably, we have had to make some adjustments to our Ways Of Working, but the WOW factor in dealing with Genuine Solutions will remain, we will ensure that we are able to meet your requirements, even if there is some delay caused by outside factors.

To this extent, it would be extremely helpful if you could inform us of any urgent requirements or Supply Chain issues. Our team is available on the normal contact numbers and email addresses, we also have staff at Head Office who can answer any queries. Perhaps, most importantly, it is critical when asking for a delivery, either to your office or to an end-user, that you ensure there is someone present to receive delivery. The country’s delivery network is already under great strain and cannot afford failed deliveries, particularly as the likelihood of this will now increase at business locations.

In this extraordinary moment, we would like to thank everyone for their support and to re-iterate again that we are here for you and that we will meet your requirements.

Yours sincerely


Christian McBride
Chief Executive, Genuine Solutions Group

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