Back in 2005 a small group of like-minded individuals came together to reimagine the mobile accessory distribution industry.

Fifteen years on, Genuine Solutions Group has grown into one of the most dynamic companies in the UK. The Group is the proud parent of two successful companies bound by one common purpose – to save the planet by vastly reducing the volume of electronic waste that gets thrown away.  The companies achieve this in different ways.


GSUK manages the recycling and reuse of unwanted mobile devices and accessories through an award-winning process where zero waste ends up in landfill.  Founded more than a decade ago, The company finds new users for these products, extending the life-cycle in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way.  This includes recovery and repair of broken devices, harvesting valuable components and accessories for reuse in other devices, erasing hard drives and, where a device has no commercial value, delivering ethical recycling and recovery of core components for reuse. Click here to find out more.


GSL distributes recycled stock (as well as some new mobile accessory brands) via a network of trusted online and offline retailers around the world. GSL is the premier distributor of new and reused mobile accessories.   The company has won multiple awards, including the prestigious Mobile News Awards Best Accessory Distributor five times in a row. It is renowned for its commitment to excellence and specialist knowledge.  The company has developed a reputation for its expertise in mobile accessory distribution alongside a loyal base of more than 1300 customers in the UK and Europe. Click here to find out more.


We do not believe that there is any reason why any electronic waste should end up in landfill and we are determined to do as much as we can to ensure this is the case.  As technological evolution shows no signs of slowing down, new solutions are needed to balance out the demand for the latest products. By finding new ways for old and unwanted products to be reused, we contribute to lowering the impact the mobile industry has on planet Earth. We believe the best form of recycling is reuse. We breathe new life into technology products.

There are small steps that we can all take to reduce e-waste and its impact on the environment. So why not join us on our mission to save planet Earth, contact us to find out how we can help you play your part!