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For the past decade Genuine Solutions Ltd has been distributing mobile accessories worldwide to over 1,300 happy customers.


GSL distributes recycled stock (as well as some new mobile accessory brands) via a network of trusted online and offline retailers around the world. GSL is the premier distributor of new and reused mobile accessories.  Find out more about GSL here.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services
  • OEM Services
  • Dedicated account management
  • Channelisation
  • Brand development
  • Supply management
  • International distribution
  • Next day delivery
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What we do and how we can help

International territories (click to expand)

Genuine Solutions client base spans the globe and currently serves customers in 51 countries. International business ranges from new start-up companies to blue chip organisations. Our success comes from treating each and everyone with the same respect that they deserve.

With bilingual staff based both in the office and in the field, the ability to build relationships without any language challenges has paid dividends, and enables the business to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Business growth continues within Genuine Solutions Group, where major retailers and distributors are taking advantage of local based field teams to understand the benefits and services provided from Genuine Solutions.

As development continues, expansion will result in a local based warehouse, adopting the GSUK model, which will serve Europe.

Next working day and 48 hour delivery is available to all customers across the UK and to those within Europe.

Account management (click to expand)

It is vital that we make your life as simple as possible; a single point of contact is key to providing consistency and continuity.

Key customer accounts are serviced by a dedicated resource providing an insight into the latest offers and new products. A Customer Account Manager provides support with product recommendation, availability and pricing on a daily basis giving you the confidence you need to run your business.

Team training
Our teams are put through regular and vigorous training in product compatibility and product specifications. This is so they can provide customers with information to inform decision making on the most appropriate products for their needs. As well as internal training, the team regularly go to our partner brands headquarters to be trained on their specific product ranges and new products due for release.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) (click to expand)

Genuine Solutions Ltd can automatically plan, optimise, and execute inventory replenishment with VMI. But most importantly, VMI’s superior service and ideal inventory levels deliver the lowest total cost.

With VMI, Genuine Solutions Ltd replenishes your normal stock inventory through an automated, daily exchange of data, so you’ll begin each day with optimal inventory levels. Your systems automatically send us daily activity updates for stocked Genuine Solutions products. Working from mutually agreed service levels and desired turn levels, our automated VMI program generates replenishment orders and delivery requirements to keep our customers inventory current.

By implementing our VMI service, it can help you overcome issues including maximizing inventory turn and fill rates, reducing total supply chain costs, eliminate manual made errors, minimizing inventory investments and freeing up important resources to focus on the customer side of your business.

Supply management (click to expand)

Genuine Solutions Ltd transformed its approach by implementing category management when reviewing potential range and vendor opportunities. GfK market data plays an important part in this. By understanding the market and overlaying this with channel needs, Genuine Solutions has been able to form partnerships with market leading and ‘up and coming’ brands.

Our approach has been to avoid proliferation, choosing partners with a goal of nurturing and growing the brands responsibly, notably within the online space, where pricing and brand reputation has to be protected. It is this point of difference that has propelled the company’s reputation and enabled customer and brand loyalty to grow.

In the last year, Genuine Solutions signed three OEM brands, Samsung, LG and Alcatel – exclusively to add depth to the offering and support the customer trend f of matching same brand products to their devices.

Across the music category, House of Marley has been added offering an on-trend brand with eco-friendly credentials. HDMX Jam has been brought on board to supply products to the fastest growing stereo Bluetooth speaker category. Within Bluetooth and car kits, we’ve added market leader Jabra, to offer the biggest brands to our customer channels.

Stock portfolio (click to expand)

Range breadth is key to our customers. Stocking over 4,000 SKU variants segmented into categories. Offering a comprehensive range across OEM and major brands across the following categories:

  • Power –  mains, desk and In-car
  • Batteries
  • Bluetooth
  • In-car solutions – car-visors and kits, holders, sat nav’s
  • Cases & protection – cases, pouches, back covers
  • Data cables
  • Memory – cards, USB pen drives
  • Audio – headphones, PHF, speakers.

Graded and Bulk stock (click to expand)

Graded products are products of a workable condition with only cosmetic imperfections. By offering graded stock to customers, we can reduce waste and offer varied solutions for customer channels.

The process of grading involves rigorous testing and manual checking to ensure that product consistency is delivered at all time to customers. Our staff go through thorough training with clear guidelines on what products should look like cosmetically. This ranges from brand new returned products through to Grade C. Detailed assessment to the finest minutia is carried out in order to deliver the highest standard; even looking at how battery contact points should look.

Bulk stock is pristine, genuine OEM product, offered as an alternative to packed product.  Genuine Solutions stock one of the widest variety of bulk products in the UK, ranging over 2,000 SKU’s across all mobile accessory categories.

Non-packaged, bulk benefits from competitive pricing, and is ideal for e-tail, and online channels who benefit from reduced delivery charges and service.


With more than 1,300 happy customers worldwide

We are proud to work with
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